Companion Portfolio Management exists to manage the investment portfolios of successful families, businesses and individual clients.  We focus on achieving bottom line results based upon our clients’ desire for growth balanced by their tolerance for volatility.  We define Risk as the probability of having adequate purchasing power available at the time that the purchases must be made.   Consequently, we work with our clients to make sure investment portfolios reflect our clients’ true risk parameters.  We make full use of the stocks, bonds, and exchange traded funds from around the world that best reflect healthy commerce – wherever that commerce is occurring.

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With securities markets available to investors from around the world, iShares Exchange Traded Funds provide a means of monitoring current performance in many markets.  IOO the Global 100 ETF, provides a perspective on the performance of the index of 100 largest companies around the world.  EWA the Australian ETF,does the same for the index of Aussie stocks.  EWY the Korean ETF provides the insight into the Korean stock market.  IEV the S&P Europe 350 Index ETF does the same for Euroland. EWZ the Brazillian ETF shows what is happening in one of South America’s most important markets.  EWC the Canadian ETF and SPY the US S&P 500 show North America.  Finally, INDY the Indian ETF completes the trip around the world.  As a collection, these ETFs provide a reasonable composite daily general overview of the global equities markets.  These are not recommendations for purchase or sale of individual securities.